Girls are completely INSANE when we go out with each other.  Which, of course, means that the up-coming Bachelorette Party is going to be a complete BLAST!  An entire night of cutting loose, drinking, dancing on tables, drinking, letting your hair down, drinking,  being loud and rowdy, drinking, and laughing so hard you cry and your make-up smears!

 Since there’s also going to be a whole lot of drinking going on, I have come up with 5 of the funniest original Bachelorette Drinking Games I possibly could.  (Number 5 is my favorite!)  These are all guaranteed to get your entire party BOMBED quickly and effectively, or you can write to me and tell me I’m a lamer.

        Also, I have included other tried and true drinking games for the people that just can’t handle my ideas on how to have a good time!  (wink)  Of course,  they ALL seem like a great time to me, I LOVE drinking with CRAZY PEOPLE! 

        On top of each picture I have added little purple words that you can click on to see more products like the ones shown.

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