#1: The Loose Lips Game

The Infamous LOOSE LIPS GAME!!  Every time someone says any of the predetermined words, all the girls have to drink.  This one is fun because it involves everyone, and the drunker you all get, the harder it is NOT to say the words. 

        Now, the words could be anything you want them to be, but since it’s a Bachelorette Party, you might want to go with bridal themed words that are going to come up a lot in conversation.  Like bride, groom, husband, wife, wedding, married, marriage, bachelorette, etc.  It would probably work best if you stuck to a little less than 10 words to make it easy on you.  The less words you have, the less you’ll all end up drinking. 

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After someone says a word, all the girls should raise their glasses/cups in the air and scream “PENIS!”, or another funny word or saying you decide upon, and clink their cups and drink.  The cheers is very important.  If someone isn’t around and misses the cheers, you have to scream out that word to her and she’ll know she has to drink.

        This game can get pretty competitive because you’re going to have members of your party sneakily tricking you into saying the words.  Watch out for weird questions and conversations leading you into talking about the subject.

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