#2: The Daring Drunken Flirt Game

The Daring DRUNKEN FLIRT GAME!!  This is a game of pure skill.  A lot of women were just born with this talent, so you may want to watch how they work.

        This is how it’s played.  When you all are out at a bar, have a contest to see who can weasel the most free drinks out of people.  In order for each drink to count, you’ll have to get the attention from at least ONE other party member, so you have a witness.  Also, you might need little post-it notes to keep tally; drunken minds aren’t the quickest.

Maid of Honor Rhinestone Tank Top

   If you hit more than one bar, you’ll probably get more free drinks due to being exposed to more strange people.  You can choose to have a winner from each bar, or just have one ULTIMATE Flirt Game WINNER from the entire night.  Each drink counts as one, even if it is from the same guy. 

  The winner should be awarded with a Pecker Expertise Prize, Pecker Prize Ribbon, Flashing Pecker Pen, or something to that effect. 

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