The Outrageous PHONE NUMBER RIOT!!  Each time one of you collects a phone number from someone you don't know, the rest of the girls all have to drink.  It should be fairly easy to do since guys give out phone numbers like Betty F'n Crocker gives out recipes.  Har har har!  Sorry, a little sarcastic femme humor slipped out there for a second. 

                          Blink 'N' Wiggly Penis Tiara

                                Big Gulp Dicky Drink Bottle


        Anyways, this one is cool because it happens continuously throughout the night.  Just like the Loose Lips Game, each time this happens, the girls should all hoot and cheer a certain funny word, and make as much noise about it as humanly possible.  I mean, NOISE! 

        Make sure, though, that the guys just think that you're being silly girls, because if they find out that you're just getting phone numbers for a game, they'll be pretty mad about it.  

                          I Love You Heart Boppers 


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