#5: The Ultra Fun Proud of My Penis Man Game

The Spectacular PROUD OF MY PENIS-MAN GAME!!!  Ha!  I bet you’re wondering what THIS is all about.  This is my favorite.  First, before the party, you find the silliest and weirdest PENIS item that you can.  Make sure it’s not too small and that you can definitely tell that it is a penis.  (I listed some suggestions below.)  Also, make sure you also have a good camera.  If more than one camera can be used, awesome. 

        Then at the bar, every time one of you convinces a guy to hold the penis thing (or wear it on their head) and let them take a picture of him, they earn the right to make the rest of you drink.  Ha!  Isn’t that great?!

The Dick Through The Head

 Also, don’t forget to cheers funny words and scream while clinking your glasses.  The more noise, the better.  This game will make for some great memories later.  Maybe even have a prize for the girl that took the funniest looking picture. 

        Here’s another idea, get one of those picture frames that have a bunch of spots on them for pictures, and put all of the funny penis pictures in it as a surprise present for your Bachelorette.  She would LOVE it!!

Suggestions for Penises:  Stubby Chubby Tiara, The Dick Through the Head (pictured above), Mr. Happy Balloon, or Captain Pecker – Blow Up Penis.  Those would make for the best and clearest pictures.  Also, you can always substitute a wacky penis thing for a blow-up doll, big dildo or vibrator.  DONG!

 Giant Inflatable Pecker