Coin Games That Get You Fucked Up

Coin Games are cool because you usually have everything you need already waiting in your pocket!  No preparation necessary.  Just a coin, a strong drink, and good friends.  Also, if you were to lose the coin because you are all trashed, it can easily be replaced without having to run to a store.  Hell, if you or one of your friends is a magician, you could just get more quarters from behind everyone’s ears.  (Har har, yuk yuk!)

        Another benefit of playing coin games is that they GET YOU DRUNK!!!!  Is there anything more I really need to say?

Sparkle Martini Shot Glasses

Ice Tray Quarters

Requirements for play:

1 ice tray

1 coin


2+ players


–  Play follows as regular quarters except you are shooting into an ice tray.

–  The right side of the tray is the “give” side and the left side is the “take” side.

–  The number of drinks to be given or taken corresponds to how far away the hole is.

–  One drink for the hole closest to you and then one more for each one further away.

–  You shoot until you miss or hit the “take” side and must drink yourself.


Requirements for play:

2+ people



–  A group of people sit around a flat table with one quarter. One person takes the quarter and stands it on edge on the table, holding it with the end of his/her finger. 

–  With his other hand, (or with the same hand holding the quarter), he hits the quarter, causing it to spin (like a top) across the table. 

–  Immediately after “spinning” the quarter, he/she calls the name of someone else sitting at the table.  This person must then do one of two things:

*  Stop the quarter from spinning by capturing it (still on edge) with the tip of his/her index finger.   

*  Hit the quarter using his/her finger so that it continues to spin on edge; after which they call someone else’s name.

–  If the person who “spins” the quarter causes the quarter to spin off the table when they hit it, he/she must take a drink.

–  If the quarter stops spinning and lands flat before the “receiver” manages to catch or spin the quarter, he/she must drink, and the original “spinner” gets to spin the quarter again.

–  Rules can also be added regarding such things as if the quarter stops, who drinks when it is heads, or when tails.

Speed Quarters

Requirements for play:

2 quarters

A shallow glass

2+ people


–  Situate everyone in a circle.  Give the two quarters to two

people opposite each other in the circle (or as opposite as possible).

–  Then, say “GO!” and the two people try to bounce their quarters into the same glass.

–  They get as many tries as it takes and can take as long as they want…BUT when one does make it in, that person passes his/her quarter to the person on their left. Then this person must bounce the quarter in.

–  This goes on until a person gets passed a quarter when s/he already has a quarter.  This person then must drink some beer, you choose the amount. 

–  Sometimes, depending on the number of people playing, it’s better to play with two glasses. Then both the quarter and glass get passed after a successful attempt.


Requirements for play:

A coin

Glass full of alcoholic beverage


–  This drinking game involves bouncing a coin (typically a 10cent piece), off of the surface of a table (a linoleum one is very suitable as it is really bouncy).

–  The participants form a circle around the selected table with a full glass of their favorite brew (naturally alcoholic).

–  The aim is simple, to land the coin inside the glass cleanly, without contacting the glass at all by bouncing it of off the table (generally the edge of the coin is best, however, it is entirely the choice of the bouncer.)

–  If the bouncer manages the feat then he/she may select someone who then must skull.

–  If the coin hits the rim in any form what so ever then it is a RIMMER (bummer for the bouncer), the bouncer must skull.

–  If the coin completely miss the glass, then nothing, the round passes to the next participant without penalty.


Requirements of play:

A quarter

2+ people


–  All players sit around a table, or similarly hard surface, and, in turn, try to bounce the quarter off the table into the juice glass.

–  If successful, the player tells any other player to have a drink, as well as receiving another turn.

–  If the player fails, play passes to the next in the circle.

–  If the player is fortunate enough to make three bounces in a row, this player may make a rule. Anything goes. Some favorites are:

“Can’t say drink, drank, or drunk.”

“Can’t point with your fingers.”

“No proper names.”

“Have a drink before each attempted bounce.” etc.

(be creative)

–  If any rule is broken during the course of play, the violator subsequently “consumes some beverage.”

Fun variations:

–  The glass that you bounce into also contains the beer to drink.

The trick is to then drink the beer without swallowing the quarter.

–  If the player bounces and hits the rim of the glass, without the quarter going in, s/he receives another free attempt.

–  If the player misses, and feels confident enough, s/he may “chance” for another attempt. If the player makes the chance attempt, things proceed as if it were a normal turn. However, if the chance attempt fails, that player must drink the beer.

–  Following a failed “chance” attempt, the player may wish to attempt a “kill.” if the attempt is successful, play continues as normal, but if the attempt fails, the player must drink a full glass/can/bottle of beer non-stop.


Requirements of play:

4 shot glasses

a quarter

two teams of people


–  Set up the four shot glasses in a row going away from home base (the designated shooting spot for the quarter).  Each player on the visiting team takes turns shooting the quarter at the shot glasses. 

–  The first glass represents a single, the second a double, the third a triple, and the last a home run.  Three strikes (misses of all shot glasses) and you are out.  Three outs and the other team is up to bat.

–  Game follows as regular baseball and runs are scored in the same way (except that you have to keep track of the runners on base in your head). 

–  Drinking happens in the following manner:

*  Fill the shot glasses with beer.

*  If a player makes the quarter into a shot glass (gets a hit), he must drink the contents of the shot glasses behind the one he made.

*  For example, if he hits a single, he must drink the remaining three shot glasses full of beer.  If he hits a triple, he only has to drink one.  If he gets an out, he must drink all four.

*  The opposite team must drink for each run the other team scores.

Pennies in a Pitcher

Requirements of play:

A pitcher of alcoholic beverage


–  Everyone chips in and buys a pitcher.  The pitcher is passed around the table clockwise.

–  Each person drinks as much as they want from it.  The person sitting to the right of the one who finishes the pitcher buys the next round.

–  It’s simple, but great. (You really have to play a round or two to understand all the subtleties of this game.)

–  A similar version is as follows: Each time a sip is taken, a quarter (or suitable ante) is tossed into the pitcher by the drinker.

–  Whoever chugs the pitcher dry, i.e., drinks for dollars, collects the loot. It could be advised to use nickels vs quarters as, when swallowed, they tend to pass through the digestive system easier.

Land Mines

Requirements for play:

A quarter

A shot glass

A bigger shot glass

2+ people

and beer (must be in cans).


–  To start, just pick a random person to start with the quarter and the shot glass. 

–  That player fills the shot glass with their own beer (it is important to use your own). 

–  That player flicks the quarter to make it spin on the table, and while it is spinning they take the shot. 

–  Then with the same hand you took the shot with, catch the quarter between your index and middle finger before it stops spinning.

–  If you catch the quarter before it stops, the person to the left goes. 

–  If you screw up, either by not catching the quarter in time or flicking it off the table, you must go again. 

–  After 3 misses, you must use the large shot glass and try again.  Keep going until you catch the quarter.

–  Now here is where it gets interesting.  Once you finish your beer, you can slam your empty beer can on a spinning quarter during another player’s turn.

–  It then stays there for the remainder of the game.  Squeeze the sides in a bit to make sure everyone knows it is a Land Mine.  This counts as a miss for the player who spun the quarter, and they must go again.

–  Soon enough, the table will be covered with random Land Mines that will get in the way of your spinning quarter. 

–  The Land Mines will cause many more misses and a whole lot more drinking. 

–  If a player touches a Land Mine during their turn, that too counts as a miss. 

–  Keep playing until everyone is sick or there is no more room to spin the quarter.

HINT:  Ganging up on beginners or that special someone you want to get drunk is always fun. 

*  You can either save up your empties for that person’s turn, or team up with another player and make a very small area for that person to play in. 

*  This is done by flicking the quarter in the direction of the rookie and having another player slam an empty there so a Land Mine is in their way the rest of the game.


Requirements of play:

1 coffee mug per person

1 tall glass


Best played with 5 or more people.


–  Fill the tall glass with approx. one can of beer. Fill the coffee mugs with beer as well. 

–  Arrange the mugs in a circle around the tall glass in the middle of a table (like a dirty ass chandelier, hence the name of the game).

–  Players take turns bouncing quarters at the arrangement of mugs around the glass.  If you put the quarter into a mug, the owner of that mug must drink from it. 

–  The amount they drink is up to them.  This includes you drinking from your own cup should you land the quarter in there.

–  Sounds simple right?  Well, the hammer falls when the quarter gets dropped into the tall center cup.  When this happens, it becomes a chugging contest.

–  As soon as the quarter drops in, everyone grabs their mug, chugs the beer, and slams it down. 

–  The last person to finish their mug has to retrieve the quarter by chugging the beer in the tall glass.