Dice Games That Get You Drunk

These dice games are fun to play and are way easier to play at bars than card games are.  You can basically play these anywhere the party is at!

    Most of the games call for “beer” as the alcoholic drink listed.  Obviously you can substitute ANY drink you would rather have, just keep in mind that you’ll be drinking liberally.  Using liquor in place of beer is BAD.  A mixed drink may be acceptable if it is large and somewhat light on the alcohol.  It’s YOUR call.                                 

Flashing Let’s Party Shot Glass

I’m just saying, you DON’T want to try and show off by being the one drinking whisky, and end up calling a cab and vomiting before the first round is over.

  Shot Glass Bead Necklace


Requirements for play:

1 dice

6 cups (any size)

2+ players


–  Line the cups up in a straight line. Decide which end starts from 1 and the other from 6.

–  Everyone sits around and someone starts by rolling the dice.

–  The number you roll corresponds to the number of the cup in the line.

–  If it’s empty fill it as much as you want with a drink, and pass play to the next player.

–  If it contains a drink, drink it all, and roll again.

By Invitation Only

Requirements of Play:

2+ people

1 dice


–  The person throws the die, if s/he gets a 1 they take a drink of beer. If they get a 2 or 5, they pass the die to the next player.

–  If they get a 6, they invite any other person to drink. If they get a 3, the person on the right takes a drink. If they roll a 4, the person on the left drinks.

7s, 11s, or Doubles

Requirements of play:

2+ people



–  The game starts by someone rolling the dice.  If they get 7, 11, or doubles on their roll, they pick someone to drink (if they don’t the next person goes.) 

–  The person who rolled pours beer (or drink agreed upon) into the cup in the middle. 

–  As soon as the cup is touched (after it is filled) the person who was chosen must drink.  While the person is drinking the beer the roller is trying to get 7, 11, or doubles before the drinker slams the cup on the table. 

–  If the drinker beats the roller, the dice go to the next person.  But if the roller gets 7, 11, or doubles before the drinker slams the cup down, they refill the cup and go again until the drinker beats the roller. 

–  The roller cannot touch the dice before the drinker touches the cup or they have to drink, and if anyone else touches the cup or the dice before the drinker touches the cup, they have to drink. 

–  The drinker can also try to trick someone to touching the cup for them, if they are successful that person has to drink.

–  After the game gets going it is very easy to not realize you got 7, 11, or doubles!


Requirements of play:

5 dice

2+ people


–  You start out with 5 dice.  Roll all dice.

–  Set aside all threes every roll and roll rest of dice. If you roll no threes, keep lowest dice.

–  Keep going until all dice are set aside. Once everyone has gone, lowest total wins. When adding 3’s count as zero.

–  The losers drink as many times as the winner’s total. As in all dice games, the winner starts next round.

The Tower

Requirements of play:

Construct a tower out of the following drinks, placing a cardboard beer coaster between glasses: (in order from top to bottom)

shot of schnapps (or tequila, etc.)

small mixed drink (e.g. whiskey sour)

tall mixed drink (e.g. Tom Collins)

glass of white wine

12 oz beer


–  Participants roll a die in turn. The first to get a 6

drinks the schnapps.

–  The next to get a 6 removes the coaster that was under it.

–  The next drinks the small drink, the next removes the coaster, and so on.

–  The next to roll always waits to roll until the previous person has drunk (or removed the coaster) EXCEPT when the beer is drunk.

–  When that happens, the game speeds up, because if someone rolls a 6 before the person drinking the beer finishes it, the beer-drinker must pay for the whole tower.

–  If the beer drinker finishes first, then the next person to roll a 6 (the beer drinker is exempt) pays.


Requirements for play:


2+ people




–  Roll two dice. Anything that adds up to six (i.e. 2-4,5-1) or has a six in it (i.e. 6-1, 6-2, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 6-5), you drink a “good” gulp of beer.

–  Any time you roll double 2s, 4s, or 5s you drink that many (2, 4, or 5) “good” gulps of beer (You can modify this to just one “gulp” on doubles).

–  If you roll double 3s, you are penalized twice, for getting doubles AND adding up to six. Thus four “good” gulps (or 2 if you play the modified rules).

–  The killer is double 1s or double 6s. For this you do a SHOT of your favorite poison (i.e. JD, Southern Comfort, tequilla, etc).

–  Lastly…you continue rolling until you get something that you don’t drink on (i.e. 1-2, 1-3,1-4, 1-5, 2-3, 2-5, 3-4, 3-5, 4-5). If you roll the dice off the table, you are also rewarded with a gulp of beer.

Three Man

Requirements of play:

2+ people



–  Everyone sits in a circle. The first order of business is to determine the “Three Man”.

–  This is done by each player rolling a die in turn. The first to roll a three becomes the Three Man (see below for variation with the Beer Helmut.)

–  The player to the left of the Three Man goes first, and play continues in a clockwise direction. The player then rolls both dice and acts according to the following combinations:

1:1  Doubles – see below

1:2  Three man drinks (sum to 3)

1:3  Three man drinks (three on die)

1:4  Thumb to table or floor (playing surface)

1:5  Index finger to side of nose.

1:6  Player to left of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)

2:2  Doubles – see below

2:3  Three man drinks (three on die)

2:4  Pass turn

2:5  Player to left of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)

2:6  Pass turn

3:3  Doubles – see below; three drinks twice

3:4  Three man drinks; player to left of roller drinks

3:5  Three man drinks

3:6  Three man drinks; Social

4:4  Doubles – see below

4:5  Social

4:6  Pass turn

5:5  Doubles – see below

5:6  Player to right of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)

6:6  Doubles – see below

–  However, if on the Three Man’s turn, s/he rolls a three or combination thereof, s/he is no longer the Three Man and then can designate any other player as the new Three Man. (This also includes if the Three Man rolls during a doubles give; see below)

–  Social: Everybody drinks

–  Doubles: The roller has the option of giving both dice to one player or one dice to two players. Whatever the case, the dice are rolled and the number on the dice is what that person(s) have to drink.  (ie. roller gives the dice to Y and Z. Y rolls a 3 and Z rolls a five, Y drinks 3, Z drinks 5. Or Y gets both both dice and rolls a 3:5, Y then drinks 8.)

–  However, if the given dice roll to doubles, the original roller has to drink that amount. But the original roller also keeps the turn.

To condense everything:

Total of 7 – player to right of roller drinks

Total of 11-           left

Total of 9 – Social

Any 3 or sum to 3 – Three man drinks

1 and 4 – thumb on floor

1 and 5 – finger on nose

Doubles – give ’em away

–  Variation with the Penis Hat:  To make the visual effect of the game more interesting, the Three Man should have to wear some some of strange hat, like a Penis Boppers, FILL THIS IN LATER.

Catch The Pig

Requirements for play:

2 dice

2+ people

Instructions for play

–  Everyone sits around a table. You need to have a least two dice. Give a die to two diferent people sitting opposite from each other.

–  The game starts with everyone shouting “Catch the Pig”. Then the players with the die throw it as quickly as possible trying to get a “one”.

–  You take as many throws as needed. Once you have thrown a “one” give the die to you neighbor to the right.

–  The object of the game is to “catch” the next person, “the pig”, to your right, who is still throwing the die and waiting for a “one”.

–  When this happens the game stops and the person “caught” has to finish their drink.

–  The game starts again with everyone shouting “Catch the Pig”, after giving one of the die to the person across from the loser.

–  Additional rules:  You can throw the dice as slow or fast as you want, which gives you a chance to manipulate the game. For example, you can wait till the other die is close to you before trying to get a one. Then you can try to catch your neighbor once the other die gets to you.

–  If the die jumps across the table or falls down, nobody has to help retrieve it. It’s allowed, but… Obviously there is a good chance to loose that round when you are searching on the floor for your die.

Suck and Roll

Requirements of play:

2+ dice

2+ people


–  There are 2 teams of four, each team has one six sided die.

–  Each person has a straw. Each team has 6 pints of beer.

–  The game starts with one person on each team frantically rolling the die trying to get a “one”.

–  When the player rolls a “one”, that team is allowed to drink the first cup, but the only way to drink is for all four people to suck through the straws at the same time.

–  When the first cup is empty, the next person begins rolling for a “two”. When they get the “two” all player people suck down the second cup. This repeats with three, four, five, and six.

–  The object is to finish all six pints before the other team. The winner is of course expected to defend their throne.

Twenty-One Aces

Requirements of play:

2+ people

5 dice


–  The game is played by counting the “ones” that are rolled. The person who rolls the seventh ‘one’ gets to pick the shot that will be consumed at the end of the game.

–  The person who rolls the fourteenth “ace” gets the honor of paying for the shot.

–  The person who rolls the twenty-first ace has to drink the shot