Helping You Out With the Party!

Here are some places you can go that can make the Bachelorette Party process a lot easier on you.  These websites have all the information you are going to need to plan, or even just attend a Bachelorette Party.  Check ’em out!    <—- Everything you could possibly need for the party.  Some of the goofiest toys and decoration, partyware and gear.  Basically look along the left hand column and see what I said about it there.   <—- All the drinking games you could need and THEN some.  Find hilarious drinking games made specifically for Bachelorette parties here.              <—- All types of different Jello shot recipes and tips that will turn you into the Jello Shot Master!  From traditional to layered, floating gummy bears to jello dessert cake shots.  This site will make your mouth water!  <—–  A site that offers you 10 free Bachelorette Party invitation designs.  They have an assortment of funny, sexy, and wild invitations to choose from.  Just another way to make your job easier!   <—- A funny site dedicated to bad bridesmaid and wedding dresses.  It’s really got some horrible dresses on there that were either found by them, or sent in by random bad dress victims.